WORKING woman winter COMMUTE fundamentals (5 GAME-CHANGERS YOU NEED!)

Over the years, I’ve withstood quite much every possible curve sphere mom nature can throw at you while commuting to work.  With sub-zero temps just around the corner right here in NYC, I believed it was the perfect time to share the top five winter fundamentals that get me with the season. Not only will these 5 products be the biggest game-changers for your commute (pinky promise), however they will likewise produce amazing holiday gifts!!

1. Earmuffs (with built-in headphones!)

My friends, these earmuffs are GOLD.  No more “would you rather” games with yourself, vis-a-vis listening to your preferred podcast or avoiding frostbitten ears.  Whether you like the earmuff look or not (I occur to like them!), they are the best cold-weather head gear choice for commuting to work since they don’t ruin your hair.  But if you’ve ever used earmuffs, you understand the struggle of inserting headphones into your ears as well as then layering the earmuffs over them is extremely real.  Since these earmuffs have built-in headphones, you now have the whole two birds, one stone thing going for you.  Your hair looks perfect upon arrival to the office as well as you haven’t missed a podcast.  The earphone cord is detachable, so you can always revert back to vintage earmuffs if you want to be unplugged on the method to work.  I’m using these in black (which likewise are available in chestnut as well as grey!), however I likewise like this furry style as well as these textured knits!  I likewise just recently discovered out about Rebecca Minkoff’s beanie headphones as well as am dying to try them as well…


2. Weatherproof Boots

A pair of weatherproof boots that don’t look like you’re preparing to hike Mt. Everest is necessary for those of us who commute to the office in snow as well as ice.  go into Aquatalia boots, a hero brand in my book that has legitimately bridged the space between style as well as function.  Not only do they look stylish, however they are likewise totally waterproof  and the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn.  Their super padded insoles makes you really feel you’re walking on a cloud. I’m using the “Janie” block heel booties in the pictures today (also available here as well as here!), however likewise have these smooth Chelsea boots in my buying cart.  Check out all of their gorgeous styles of boots as well as routine footwear here!

3. traditional Black wool coat (50% off!)

Every working woman needs a classic black wool or cashmere coat that goes with everything.  I alway like military-inspired double-breasted buttons, however the midi length is key.  With a mid-calf length, you can pair it completely with any type of length gown or skirt, as well as it likewise looks killer with pants.  pro tip: Don’t be fooled by a adorable cut as well as appealing cost tag!  Be sure the coat is made from over 50% wool and/or cashmere if you want to really stay warm.  This Ralph Lauren coat, this similar Mackage beauty and this beautiful Vince Camuto coat all in shape the expense and are all almost 50% off!

4. leather tech Gloves

There’s no concern that leather gloves look more polished as well as expert than their knit counterparts, however they’re likewise much warmer as well as more durable. These tech-friendly gloves not only look great, however all ten fingers will work on your touchscreen phone. The gloves I’m using are available in seven different sizes, are authentic leather, lined with cashmere, as well as if the routine cost isn’t shockingly reasonable enough, they’re currently 40% off during Nordstrom’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend i saldi. I used mine every single day last winter as well as have already bought three more pairs!

5. fur Stole / Scarf

Your winter work wardrobe isn’t total without a great scarf to stay warm on the method to the office.  While I like scarves for their capability to add rate of interest to a traditional coat, my winter MVP is a fur stole or scarf (how adorable is this one?!).  A black or neutral fur stole not only goes with absolutely everything, however it gowns up your look as well as likewise truly ups the ante when it comes to warmth.  nothing feels much better on completely chilly winter days than that fuzzy goodness tucked right up under your chin!!

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